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21-22 Classroom Teacher Roster and Emails

Teachers will share any individual website information directly with students and families!



Andrea Farber                                                         

Ms. Farber's email:


Fiona Hees - Grade Level Leader 21-22

Ms. Hees' Email:


Liz Markham

Ms. Markham's Email:


Grade 1

Bess McNamee - Grade Level Leader 21-22

Ms. McNamee's Email:


Allison Keating

Ms. Keating's Email:


Jenna Rosen

Ms. Rosen's Email:


Michelle Cortese


Grade 2

Christie Martin - Grade Level Leader 21-22

Ms. Martin's Email:


Casey DeLorenzo

Ms. DeLorenzo's Email:


Nancy Mason

Ms. Mason's Email:


Grade 3

Linda Dragotta - Grade Level Leader 21-22

Ms. Dragotta's Email:


Devon Tiani

Ms. Tiani's Email:


Sara Kinsley

Ms. Kinsley's Email:


Grade 4

Lisa Vetti - Grade Level Leader 21-22

Ms. Vetti's Email:


Stephanie Auer

Ms. Mazzella's Email:


Kayla McEwan

Ms. Romaniello's Email:


Grade 5

Samantha Swift - Grade Level Leader 21-22

Ms. Swift's Email:


Keith Satter

Mr. Satter's Email:


Kevin McCully

Mr. McCully's Email:


Art - Sari Sperling

Ms. Sperling's Email:


PE - Jill Cardamone and Derek Amato

Ms. Cardamone's Email:

Mr. Amato's Email:


Royle Strings- Jane Minnis

Ms. Minnis' Email:


Music - Kathleen Theisen and Madelyn Aug

Ms. Theisen's Email:

Ms. Aug's Email:


Band - Colin Walters

Mr. Walters's Email:


World Language- Jennifer Padgett

Ms. Padgett's Email:




Ms. Jo-Ann Epstein

Ms. Jo-Ann's Email:

Ms. Karen Wynot

Ms. Karen's email:

Ms. Kristin Iorio

Ms. Kristin's Email:

Ms. Jessica Easter

Ms. Jessica's Email: